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The following projects will be based mainly on data analytics, feel free to take a look at my work, and feedback is always appreciated. Projects will be uploaded on an on-going basis.

Waze Case
(User Churn)

Data analyst / Data science

I utilized pandas, numpy, and visualization tools for data processing. I applied statistical tests with scipy and implemented decision trees using scikit-learn and xgboost. Evaluations leveraged ROC curves, with models saved via pickle. This work highlights my Python and machine learning expertise, designed for educational, not commercial contexts.

Image by Brett Jordan

Cyclistic Case

Data analyst 

The Cyclistic case is based on data that has been publicly provided. Cyclistic is a company based off in Chicago. This report showcases the use of R and Tableau to clean, process, analyze and visualize data to recommend marketing strategy solutions.

Man on His Bike

Interview task

Data analyst 

This was an assessment provided to showcase my data cleaning and validation skills. Used Excel to clean data and create validation checks to find the sources of errors. Converted to Google Spreadsheet to provide access as a webpage via Google Drive.

Business Consultation

Bella Beat Case

Data analyst 

The Bella Beat Case revolves around analyzing publicly available Fitbit data. Through the utilization of SQL, Tableau, and Rmarkdown, the data is cleaned, visualized, and analyzed to provide valuable marketing insights. The report also addresses the limitations inherent in the data.



Data analyst 

As part of the KPMG Virtual Experience in Data Analytics, I utilized Excel for data manipulation and analysis, Tableau for data visualization, and PowerPoint to articulate data-driven marketing strategies and key findings.

Going Over Data
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