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The following projects will be based mainly on Marketing, feel free to take a look at my work, and feedback is always appreciated. Projects will be uploaded on an on-going basis.

White Paper

Marketing, Innovation, Pitch, Research

I developed a comprehensive white paper for Inihidi, a unique taxi service tailored for women and facilitated by female drivers. This in-depth document emphasized extensive industry analysis and an innovative approach via a Blue Ocean Strategy, illustrating a distinct pathway for success within the competitive transportation sector.


Autonomous Vehicles Industry

Marketing, Innovation, Deck, Research

Developed a market research deck to understand the current autonomous vehicle industry and trends in hardware/software technology, value and growth.

Car Design

Accessibility in Airline Industry

Research report

Researched the airlines industry via primary research and secondary research methods. Looked into trends and opportunities within the industry in terms of accessibility.

Cargo Airplane

Hackathon Pitch

Marketing, Innovation, Pitch Deck

During a challenging hackathon, my team and I effectively developed and pitched an innovative sports industry venture. This involved strategic planning, market sizing, financial analysis, and the creation of prototypes and wireframes to visually demonstrate the concept.

Tools used were Figma, PowerPoint, Excel, Word.

Image by Mario Gogh

Bella Beat Case

Data analyst, Marketing analyst

The Bella Beat Case revolves around analyzing publicly available Fitbit data. Through the utilization of SQL, Tableau, and Rmarkdown, the data is cleaned, visualized, and analyzed to provide valuable marketing insights. The report also addresses the limitations inherent in the data.



Data analyst, Marketing analyst 

As part of the KPMG Virtual Experience in Data Analytics, I utilized Excel for data manipulation and analysis, Tableau for data visualization, and PowerPoint to articulate data-driven marketing strategies and key findings.

Going Over Data

Cyclistic Case

Data analyst 

The Cyclistic case is based on data that has been publicly provided. Cyclistic is a company based off in Chicago. This report showcases the use of R and Tableau to clean, process, analyze and visualize data to recommend marketing strategy solutions.

Man on His Bike


Marketing, Omnichannel, Digital Transformation

Lululemon's Virtual Experience: A digital transformation campaign for the "Mirror" product, utilizing data analysis to identify impactful Ambassadors across regions. Tools used: Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Image by Marco Tjokro

Video Game industry 

Marketing, User Profile, Research, Design

User persona created for the game industry. Researching issues faced with project management methods that exists and the issues with crunch times within the industry. The user personal showcases the target market of the person facing the issues as a cost of poor quality.

Gaming Station

Video Game Industry 

Marketing, Systems diagram, Causal Links, Research, Design

System design showcasing current industry trends, sustainability and causal links that touch on cloud based video games.

Connect the Dots
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