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Project Manager (Mitacs Business Strategy Internship), Communitech, Toronto, Canada
2022 - 2022

Private/Public innovation hub
• Created an Agile project plan which included: Shared understanding of vision, features, and user stories, the business value of
user stories, and an estimation of time needed to complete the project by totaling the business value for each user story
• Applied scrum methodologies for daily scrum, sprint review, and sprint retrospective during the project duration and removed
obstacles for the team when needed
• Used Miro to create customer journey mapping, wireframing, and inter processes
• Managed team and project using Asana
• Managed internal testing and user testing by holding interviews, transcribing, and theming
• Co-ordinated the team and external teams regarding progress and changes
• Presented to internal departments on the progress and the aim of the platform
• Created a short teaser video for a startup mixer to get traction and founders for user testing

Marketing and Business Development Associate, Eccentric Marketing, Nairobi Kenya , Marketing Agency                                  2020 -
• Improved internal workflow by assessing fail points using service blueprints. Software such as Trello and Slack has
introduced increased productivity and created a way for upper management to view current projects taking place quickly
• Collected data and created a spreadsheet to benchmark internal productivity (output)
• Led marketing campaigns for new FMCGs, demand creation through activations and promotions by expanding regional
penetration and heightening its regional sales by 18% in one activation using video games made from Scratch software
• Analyzed data on consumer preference through data analysis to find BCG matrix and current star product for brands; 
productiveness elevated by 30% as strategy was followed
• Pitched to companies on supporting brands and produced leads of more than 12% of weekly average

Marketing Assistant Manager, Tapway Solutions BHD, Malaysia Kuala Lumpur                                                                                 2020 - 2020
Tracking technologies company using AI and Machine learning.

• Generated leads by going into files and researching if tracking technologies were installed. Got 98 leads in a week of
prospective clients. Created a spreadsheet with manual data entry and cleaned the data prior to use.
• Visualized data using spreadsheets to find patterns in regard to our product outreach. It was found that some regions of the 
Klang valley had not been reached yet.
• Researched Klang Valley Market to create competitor analysis using SWOT to analyse how Tapway could scale accordingly. An
opportunity was discovered where competitors had not placed footfall sensors yet led to obtaining 42 leads
• Managed digital marketing and social media and attracted traffic to social media pages and website of an average of 9 

usersper week

• Published in the Journal Of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour (2020):Title: Assessing consumer skepticism towards
sustainable marketing
• Welfare for Children Association (WFA)(2019): Data research and analysis of data obtained of children homes were presented
with solutions using augmented reality in an expo in Sunway, Malaysia

Operations and site manager volunteer, Kechara soup kitchen, Malaysia 2019 - 2019
• Built and supervised the construction of a borehole to supply water to nearby villages
• Kechara Soup Kitchen - Managed supply logistics of Klang Valley pick up and drop off for food donations to be delivered to
refugee camps, homeless shelters and old peoples homes and presented on how others can support Kecharas cause

Master of Management in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY,

Stephen J.R. Smith School of Business, Kingston, ON                                                                                                                       2021-2022
• 4.11 GPA
• Awarded Social Impact Certificate
• Team placed 2nd in Innovation Challenge

BSc in Marketing, Lancaster University/Sunway University, Malaysia                                                                                                2017 - 2020

• Division 2:1 Classification
• Published research paper with professors
• Took part in volunteering positions prior to creating the welfare for kids foundation

• Business Analytics

• Data cleaning

• Data Analytics

• Data validation and documentation

• Big Query

• Google Spreadsheets/ Excel Spreadsheets


• R

• Tableau

• Leadership

• Self-learning

• Agile management (Scrum Master)

• Quantitative/Qualitative research 

• Leveraging AI tools: Chat-GPT/Midjourney

• Process blueprinting

• Innovation strategy and methodologies



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